January 4, 2011

When making the playoffs goes wrong

by Dan Bilicki In: Football

I hate to drone on about how bad the fact that Seahawks made the playoffs is for the NFL, but I never thought that it could actually be bad for Seattle.
Thanks to their win on Sunday night, the Seahawks climbed from having the seventh overall pick in this spring’s NFL draft to likely picking 21st.
That is one heck of a drop and when you consider the odds against them winning even one game. In fact, Las Vegas has the Seahawks as 10-point underdogs at home to the Saints. When was the last time you saw a home dog getting that many points in the playoffs? I can’t remember even a home favourite giving more than a touchdown in the post-season.
The Rams – the Sunday night losers – can send their thanks to Seattle though; St. Louis will be picking 14th instead 21st and hopefully grabbing a wide receiver. Their hands team was straight up terrible against the Seahawks and had some atrocious drops.

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