January 7, 2011

How’d I do this season? And NFL playoff picks

by Dan Bilicki In: Football, Picks

Before we get to the NFL playoff picks for wildcard weekend, why not go back and check out how my original picks, from the beginning of the season fared. Also, let’s face it, I have done enough Seattle and NFC West bashing this past week already.

So here they are, from back on Sept. 10:

NFC playoff teams

East: Dallas

North: Green Bay

South: Atlanta

West: San Francisco

Wildcard: New Orleans

Wildcard: Minnesota
AFC playoff teams

East: New England

North:  Baltimore

South:  Indianapolis

West: San Diego

Wildcard: New York Jets

Wildcard: Pittsburgh

Not bad, right? I got eight out of 12 playoff teams and I almost nailed the AFC, but then there was the NFC which was full of letdowns. Dallas and Minnesota particularly, because you can’t really slag a team that went into the second last week with a shot to make the playoffs. Whoops, I guess that counts as beating on the NFC West again. Then there was the San Diego Chargers, who had the No.1 ranked offence and No.2 ranked defence, yet couldn’t break .500. What a weird league this is.

So what about my pre-season playoff picks?

NFC championship: Green Bay over New Orleans

AFC championship: Baltimore over Pittsburgh

Super Bowl: Green Bay over Baltimore

While they’re all still possible, I wouldn’t bet against New England winning it all right now. They’re firing on all cylinders and look almost unbeatable.

Now, onto this weekend’s picks. The lines are fro Vegas and the home teams are in CAPs.

New Orleans -10.5 over SEATTLE
What after a week of killing them in this space, did you really think I would pick the Seahawks. I don’t mind the Saints walking wounded running game because there’s now way the ‘Hawks stop their passing attack.

INDIANAPOLIS -2.5 over New York Jets
In a night game with everything on the line, I wouldn’t want to take Mark Sanchez over Peyton Manning. The Colts run defence has been vastly improved the past few games too, shades of their Super Bowl run a few years ago.

Baltimore -3 over KANSAS CITY
After last week’s clunker, I can’t trust the Chiefs offence or their ability to stop the run. The Ravens’ front seven is strong enough to stop the run and Ed Reed can provide amazing support coverage over top of Dwayne Bowe. This one should be hard-fought, but the Ravens will advance.

Green Bay +2.5 over PHILADELPHIA
Both of these offences are tough not to love, but I think the Packers have the edge on defence. The blueprint has been drawn up how to contain Mike Vick’s explosiveness and keeping him in the pocket will vastly limit his big-play potential. There’s also no way that the Pack let DeSean Jackson get behind them all day.

Last week: 10-6
This season: 138-110-5

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