January 26, 2011

Say adios to Ochocinco

by Dan Bilicki In: Football

Like in most games this season, the name Ochocinco will be absent from the NFL next year (if there’s no labour stoppage of course). Yes, after a season below his high standards, falling to second fiddle behind the “great” Terrell Owens, Chad Ochocinco will be changing his name back to Chad Johnson.
It was a nice few seasons having Chad do his sideshow thing, but that’s all it was. Could you ever take a guy who changed his last name to his number seriously? Of course not. He has been a joke for the majority of his career. He was just lucky that he could back it up with his play on the field most of the time.
The big exception to that would be last season, when he was shut down two weeks in a row by the incomparable Darrelle Revis. That also happened after Chad said he would change his name back if he ended up on Revis Island.
So what could this all mean? Well for one, it’s a new beginning for Chad. After all, he isn’t likely to be back with the Bengals, his team since he entered the league out of Oregon State back in 2001. Where he will go, who knows? But I’m pretty sure that a certain team from the Boston area wouldn’t take in a reject with a Spanish numeral for a name.
Maybe Chad Johnson-Ochocinco-Johnson is just paving his way to make a Randy Moss-like comeback, which isn’t entirely out of the question.

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