January 28, 2011

Do you have a gambling problem?

by Dan Bilicki In: Football, Picks

It’s the time of year when all gamblers get a litmus test of sorts to see if they have a problem of not. Yes, this weekend is the NFL’s Pro Bowl.

The game itself is about as meaningless as it gets. As opposed to other sport’s all-star games, the NFL actually changes the rules for its spectacle and now that they have moved the game to the weekend before the Super Bowl, as opposed to after it, anybody that made the Super Bowl can’t even compete, let alone fly to Hawaii to attend festivities.

What’s really the point of selecting a linebacker who specializes in pass rushing when he’s not allowed to blitz? What was the point of fans voting in Aaron Rodgers when now he can’t play because he lead his team to the grand finale?

So how do you pick this game when the rules of normal football don’t apply and each competitor isn’t at its potential best? What I’m doing is looking at the coaches.

On the AFC side of things, you have the master manipulator/motivator, a coach that can get 110% out of all of his players and can skirt the rules if needed. On the NFC side, you have a coach that just got absolutely whooped at home by a No. 6 seed.

Also, spare me the comments about how the Jets also beat the Patriots at home. I realize this happened the same weekend as Atlanta’s loss, but when the Falcons went down, they were absolutely torched.

So, I will gladly take Bill Belichick’s squad to beat the NFC this Sunday night. Because if you don’t think the man Spygate doesn’t take this exhibition seriously, well check out this story about him cussing out Tony Gonzalez in 2007 for missing a block on a kick return.

Pick: AFC +1 over NFC

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