January 31, 2011

Where’s the D? And other all-star moans

by Dan Bilicki In: Baseball, Basketball, Ice Hockey

What is the point in even taking defensive players to these all-star games anymore? It’s not like anybody actually tries to stop the other side from scoring. When was the last time you saw a real NHL game where the teams combined for 21 goals? Or when was the last time that two NFL teams combined for 96 points? These exhibitions are completely non-indicative of how the sports are supposed to be played.

The only all-star game that has a chance to turn out like a real game is the MLB all-star game and that’s because it actually has a bit of meaning. While some say it is ridiculous that an exhibition game should decide home-field advantage for the World Series, I say that it makes the game infinitely more watchable than any other sport’s all-star spectacle.

At least the NHL’s all-star weekend had one watchable event: The fantasy draft. But even that was a bit of a joke. Cam Ward going first overall? When was the last time that a goalie had an impact in a game without defence and do you really think he wouldn’t have been around several rounds later?

I know it was more of a gesture and show for the hometown fans, but it’s not like Jeff Skinner then went second overall, right?

It was also quite hilarious to see the Leafs’ Phil Kessel go last. Knowing that he’s a bit of a shy person, there was probably no worse person to see awkwardly smile while receiving a car that he’ll probably never drive. He also didn’t help his case for being a higher pick by choking it up at the game. Kessel was one of two forwards who didn’t get a point, one of two players on his team that didn’t get a point and the only forward on his team to be held pointless. The guy taken second last, Paul Stasny, had a goal and an assist within the first 3:20 of the game.

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