March 28, 2011

The chalk is rocked in the NCAA

by Dan Bilicki In: Basketball

The chalk has been rocked in the NCAA and that means that this coming weekend should be fairly anti-climactic for all you bracket followers out there. When the highest seed remaining is a No. 3, there’s little chance that you have more than two of your Final Four remaining.

Just look at President Obama’s bracket; he had all four No. 1 seeds making it to Houston. At least he can concentrate on the situation in Libya 100% now.

And if somebody tells you that they took Virginia Commonwealth to make it this far, they’re either a VCU alumni or a liar. Heck, I had the eleven seed from that region making the Elite Eight, but I also figured that it would USC who won the play-in game, not VCU. Shows what I know.

And imagine the shock you would have sent your pool commissioner had you filled in an eight-seeded team to beat the No. 1 in the second round. Well, Butler did and now it’s on its second consecutive Cinderella run. It’s too bad that the two Cinderella stories have to meet in the Final Four.

If you do still have someone to root for, looks like you were either lucky or smart enough to peg UConn and Kentucky to outlast the top seeds in their tough regions. But now they’ll face off and the three-headed freshmen horsemen from Kentucky are tasked with trying to slow down the amazing Kemba Walker. And I don’t even think three people on him would do that.

Next weekend may not be too exciting for you the bracket watchers out there, but at least it will be exciting for fans of the college game.

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