April 4, 2011

One hell of a week for sports

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Working in the sports department, this is one of those weeks that you both hate to love and love to hate. Just think about how much is going in this span of seven days. Well, it’s kind of actually eight days, but who cares?
First of all, three of North America’s biggest sports are in progress. Major League Baseball is just warming up – I’m sure with plenty of Boston Red Sox fans in a state of panic already over their 0-3 start – but look at the NHL and NBA right now. Both puck and hoops are at the most critical part of their seasons: The stretch run to the playoffs. It’s the last week of the NHL season and plenty of playoff spots are still up for grabs. Heck, even the Leafs aren’t mathematically eliminated yet.
In the NBA, the races at the bottom of the post-season spots aren’t nearly as interesting as those at the top. The Spurs and Celtics are both faltering, the Lakers are as hot as ever (despite losing on Sunday) and the Bulls are trying to lock up No. 1 in the East.  Unlike in the NHL, where an eight seed seems to always get hot and go on a deep playoff run, seeding and home court advantage actually matters in the NBA and following this amazing regular season, the playoff should be fantastic.
Monday night, we get to watch the grand finale of March Madness. For the second year in a row, Butler has made a Cinderella run to the final, even without its best player from 2010. They’ll face off against UConn, who is lead by Kemba Walker, probably the best player in the tournament. The Huskies are favoured – and should win – but I wouldn’t bet against the Bulldogs. The Huskies, after all, didn’t look too hot against Kentucky on Saturday.
Later this week, one of the year’s most prestigious sporting events kicks off when the Masters starts on Thursday. If somebody offers you a Tiger vs. the field bet this year and they’re fine with Woods, gladly take the field and the sucker’s money. The legend doesn’t have a chance this year.
And, of course, who could forget about Sunday night’s Wrestlemania? We even got to see the Rock lay close out the show by laying out both John Cena and The Miz in the main event while the Undertaker kept his ’Mania winning streak alive at 19-0.
What a week indeed.
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