May 3, 2011

Comparing the Liberals’ demise to sports

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After watching the Canadian federal Liberal party get absolutely crushed during Monday’s election, I tried to think of a sports comparison of what just happened. Well, there’re a few different routes you could go with this one.
Michael Ignatieff took over a party that was doing fine and led the, straight into the gutter. Sounds like just about every crappy GM or coach in every league, right? Well how about taking a team from second best in the league to the proverbial lottery? That takes some skill. It actually sounds like coaching job that Brad Childress did with the Vikings this past season.
You could go and compare the party and/or its leader to a completely inept team/person. The Clippers come to mind, but at least they have Blake Griffin. John Ferguson Jr. ran the Leafs into the ground, but at least some of his picks somewhat turned out alright. Then again, the best example has to former Detroit Lions GM Matt Millen, who ruined his team for years and seemingly couldn’t get fired for it. Both Millen and Ignatieff are now in the unemployment queue.
You could argue that a one-season drop like the Cleveland Cavaliers or Arizona Cardinals had this year should qualify, but both lost key members to their teams and we can’t saw the same for the Grits.
How about how completely untrustworthy Ignatieff came off? In sports there’re a lot of weasels out there. Even just googling “NCAA” and “scandal” might overload the search browser.
Or, you could compare Ignatieff’s collapse to someone or a team just falling apart. You don’t even have to look back that far to find a good parallel here: Rory McIlroy was cruising along just fine towards his goal (winning vs. keeping Harper out of complete power) in this year’s Masters until the final round (election) when he completely and utterly fell apart. Sounds kind of like the outcome of the election right?
It’s a little bit sad that there’re so many comparisons to be made about losers like the Liberal party in the election. But that’s the beauty and cruelty of sports: In the end, there’s only one team that stands victorious and a whole bunch of losers. Such is the case with politics, too.
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