May 4, 2011

Rose is the MVP; who else could have been?

by Dan Bilicki In: Basketball

Derrick Rose is now officially the NBA’s MVP, even if most members of the media and fans were preaching that sentiment for the past few months. Rose, at 22 years old, is now the youngest player to ever win the award, but he didn’t do it with astounding stats. That’s where you can really punch holes in his case for the award. He averaged 25 points, 7.7 rebounds and 4.1 rebounds per game, but the one number that really solidified Rose as the MVP is 62, as in wins the Bulls had this season.
While he does have his flaws, the real question is: Who doesn’t? Rose was the only true candidate for the award and I’ll break it down for you.
LeBron James: Jumped from the Cavs to the star-studded Heat and proceeded to lose more games this season than last. Also, it’s not entirely clear if he’s the most valuable player on his own team. That’s Dwyane Wade. If this award were for most talented guy in the league, it would be James’, but it’s not.
Dwyane Wade: Didn’t have the numbers or alpha dog status that Rose had. Played with an all-star supporting cast and didn’t win as many games.
Kobe Bryant: It’s no secret that with age his game is slipping. He’s not the player he once was and his teammates have to step up more often than ever. Also, the Lakers didn’t really step it up until after the all-star break. MVPs should be most valuable year-round.
Kevin Durant: Got out to a slow start and it seemed like Russell Westbrook was challenging his alpha dog status in Oklahoma City. He did continue his offensive dominance – something that sh
owed no signs of slowing – but it seems like Durant is really a candidate in waiting. He’ll have his time as MVP, maybe even as early as next year.
Dwight Howard: In fact, the only guy who should have been in contention is Howard, but look how that turned out. He may have been the best player on the magic and of course the defensive player of the year, but he’s simply not that valuable if he can’t lead his team past the Hawks in round one.
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