May 10, 2011

Stop wearing all one colour fans

by Dan Bilicki In: Basketball, Ice Hockey

As great and compelling both the NBA and NHL playoffs have been thus far, there is one storyline that is involved in both sports and is really starting to piss me off.

What is up with every crowd having to wear the same colour?

I get the whole thing from a unity standpoint, but visually, it’s just plain annoying. Especially in cities that insist its fans are donned in all white. Is there any less intimidating colour?

When the Nashville Predators had their fans outfitted in that gross yellow, this whole trend was taken to a whole new sickening level too.

I haven’t seen it as much this year, but a dishonourable mention must be given out to any crowd that waves white towels. Since when has waving a white flag ever been a good thing? Don’t the people who initiate these ideas know that waving a white flag is essentially announcing your surrender? Why are these people giving up?

Also, unless you’re the Pittsburgh Steelers, don’t you dare even thinking about waving around a yellow towel. Yes, I’m looking in your direction Memphis Grizzlies fans.

But, the worst offender this year in terms of failure in the crowd department is the Miami Heat. It almost seems like they’re trying to hide the fact that its fans aren’t showing up by putting those who do in white while making sure the rest of the empty seats around them match.

The only way I would think this entire gimmick could work is if the crowd wore red. Blue seems too passive and black would make the arena look emptier. But red would stand out and give an intimidating effect to the opposing team. Well, unless you try to pull this off against a team that also wears red, like when the Raptors did this against the Nets a few seasons ago.

But who makes their fans wear red when your team is wearing white that night? Honestly…

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