May 24, 2011

The Jets, soccer survival, Bomb-tista and more

by Dan Bilicki In: Baseball, Basketball, Ice Hockey, Soccer

Being off for the long weekend, I haven’t had a chance to weigh in some pretty key events that have taken place and are currently going on in the world of sports. So, Let’s sum up some opinions from the nosebleeds, quick hits style.

Well, it took you long enough. They’ll certainly have the fan support, but let’s see them draw some major free agents. Think the Oilers chances of landing a star are bad? Winnipeg’s could be even worse. Also, what will they do for a team name? The Thrashers was always a bad name and Winnipeg’s mayor says that the Jets are out. I just pray they don’t botch this with some terrible name that doesn’t end in ‘S’ – a sports editor’s worst nightmare.

With all ten games going at the same start time and four games that mattered for the survival of a total of five teams, the English Premier League’s “survival Sunday,” was the most intense two hours of sports I’ve witnessed in a long while. Of the five teams, only Blackburn was not in danger of being relegated at some time during the course of the games. You have to feel sorry for Birmingham, but especially Blackpool. The Tangerines played some exciting games this season and it’ll suck to see them go.

Someone should tell the NBA and the Miami Heat that the villains aren’t supposed to win. Would there ever be a more reviled champion than the super-sellout-friends? I think not. Even the Lakers are more likable than this mish-mash of superstars that are actively ruining the league.

I’m starting to feel like we’re losing steam. After such an intensely good first round and an enjoyable second round, the NHL’s third round has seemed a little lacklustre. Maybe it’s the 8 and 9 p.m. start times or the fact that the weather’s starting to get really nice out, but I’m just wishing the playoffs would end already. No matter who plays for the Cup, I hope it’s a sweep just to merciful end this never-ending season.

How lucky are fans of the Blue Jays? When the trade of Roy Halladay went down, people thought it could be the beginning of a fairly depressing era of baseball in Toronto. Not with Jose Bautista around it turns out. He has gone from being an afterthought with the Pirates to maybe the best hitter in baseball with the Jays. Toronto fans should feel blessed to have a player this good and should be coming to the ball park a lot more. After all, Bautista plays every day while Halladay only pitched every five.

This current series between the Dallas Mavericks and Oklahoma City Thunder contains some historically dumb fans and some historically dumb planning. How else can we account for the fact that in every game so far this series, the home crowd has shown up wearing the same colour as the visitors? Yes, in both Oklahoma City and Dallas the crowds wear blue – the same as the Thunder and Mavericks’ road unis. How did nobody think this through? It’s truly moronic.

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