May 25, 2011

We’re all Canuckle heads now

by Dan Bilicki In: Ice Hockey

I’m sure that Kevin Bieksa’s game-winning goal was just like they drew it up in the locker room between the first and second overtime. Well, not really because I don’t think that anybody has ever seen a weird bounce like that.

In fact, it seemed like Bieksa was the only player on the ice – maybe even in the building – that saw where the puck went after it was dumped in of the glass and ricocheted off a stanchion.  I’m not even quite sure he believed it was happening.

Regardless of how exactly it happened, the Canucks are still in the Stanley Cup final and are a mere fur wins away from bringing the trophy to Canada for the first time 1993. Let’s just hope they don’t fall short like the Senators, Flames and Oilers of recent years.

Now all that has to be decided is who they’ll face and that could be decided tonight in Tampa. Should be an interesting one.

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