May 31, 2011

NBA final breakdown

by Dan Bilicki In: Basketball

Lucky us sports fans, we have a pretty exciting two weeks coming up. Why? Well thanks to some wonderful scheduling, we’re going to have pretty much wall-to-wall championship action rotating between the NHL and NBA finals. Starting tonight, we get the Miami Heat and Dallas Mavericks tipping off, so let’s trying to break down what will happen.
We could position by position, but quite frankly, that’s pretty boring and really predictable at that. The only one that’s even comparable is at point guard because both Mike Bibby and Jason Kidd aren’t exactly going to set the world on fire. At least Kidd has some redeemable qualities, unlike Bibby, who is only here because he left money on the table in Washington to leave.
This series should come down to how well the Mavs can contain Miami’s superstars. Dirk will ultimately get his points and share some love with the role players around him, especially those dynamite shooters. But will the Mavs be able to contain both Wade and LeBron? Probably not. The real hope should be that Dirk can outscore one of those two while trying to limit the other completely.
Then there’s the concern known as Chris Bosh, who has seriously stepped up lately. With Tyson Chandler on the inside, he should be able to keep Bosh to being a jump shooter, but the ex-Raptor is no slouch in that area.
With home court advantage also in the Heat’s favour – even if the Miami crowd is borderline terrible – it should be more than enough to take this series.
Let’s really just hope that the Heat win this series legit. If the refs call this one in favour of the stars that the Heat has, the city of Dallas can rightfully call conspiracy again and the Mavs might never recover. Should the Heat win by playing 8-on-5, LeBron’s first ring will be even more tarnished.
That said it’s hard to imagine a team with the odds potentially stacked in its favour losing.
Prediction: Heat in six.

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