June 2, 2011

Who bites a finger? Really?

by Dan Bilicki In: Ice Hockey

I don’t think I’ve ever seen something like what happened during Game 1 of the Stanley Cup final on Wednesday night.  After the first period, Alex Burrows and Patrice Bergeron got into it before clearing the ice. In typical scrum fashion, with a linesman trying to hold the two apart, the two combatants tried to face wash each other while talking in French.
That was all well and fine until Bergeron put his hand in or around Burrows’ mouth. The Canuck responded by pretending that it was not some opponent’s finger in his mouth, but a chicken finger instead.
It was quite clearly captured on TV and in pictures as well, so I’m not sure there should any debate about whether it happened or not.
While, of course, one should never bite someone during the course of play – or even in general – I can’t help but say that the Bruins forward kind of deserved what came to him. You simply don’t shove your fingers or hand in a man’s mouth.
Of course, Burrows will likely be either suspended for a game or just be levied a huge fine. That much should be fairly obvious.
And to think, at the beginning of the day you would have surely bet that Dirk Nowitzki’s digit injury would be the biggest finger story of the day.

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