June 28, 2011

De Ro continues his search for big bucks

by Dan Bilicki In: Soccer

It has been quite a season for Dwayne De Rosario, who is seemingly getting no respect where ever he goes in MLS. Toronto didn’t want to pay him the big bucks, so they shipped him to New York. New York didn’t want to pay him the big bucks, so they shipped him to Washington D.C. I wouldn’t even bet on him staying there if he keeps up his demands to be a Designated Player.

There’s no question that De Rosario can be a good, dynamic attacking player, but he’s now 33-years-old and on the downside of his playing career. His repeated demands to be making the big bucks will continually fall on deaf ears while proven players from Europe will come over and take up teams’ valuable DP slots.

De Ro may be worth than he is making, but it’s hard to justify seeing a team lock him up one of those prized slots – and for that big amount of money – when there are better options available.

The best that De Rosario could possibly do is head over to Europe and ply his trade there. If he makes an impact in a top-tier league overseas, there’s no question he can start earning the money that he believes he deserves. Until then, he’ll just continue to be a good player in MLS, one notch below the upper echelon of footballers.

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