August 9, 2011

Real Madrid signs a child

by Dan Bilicki In: Soccer

Just in case you missed it, Real Madrid made an extraordinary signing on Monday – and no they didn’t pay somewhere in the range of $80 million for a big-name striker. I’m actually quite sure that Leonel Angel Coira cost significantly less and he won’t have an immediate impact for the La Liga side either.

No, that is because “Leo” is only seven-years-old. Yes, the Spanish soccer superpower has now started to recruit preteens from Argentina in their never-ending quest to better Barcelona.

I’m sure that Coira is a splendid player for his age and with proper training, he could become a star some day. Heck, Lionel Messi was signed out of Argentina as a 13-year-old and played for Barca at 16, so there is a bit of precedence behind this sort of move. But Coira is almost young enough to be named after the 24-year-old superstar.

I just can’t wait for this trend to evolve and we see lines on ESPNsoccernet like: “Inter Milan sign Hope Solo’s unborn child to a development deal.

Or “Chelsea sign John Terry’s illegitimate infant child.”

It’s only really a matter of time. Would you be surprised if tomorrow the L.A. Galaxy signed all of David Beckham’s sons? Or would they have too much competition from overseas clubs?

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