September 16, 2011

Bitter about Brady and Week 2 picks

by Dan Bilicki In: Football, Picks

Since I’m in the middle of wedding season, I’ll save you all the spiel about how amazing Tom Brady is for torching the Dolphins defenceless defence and how ridiculous it was that in both leagues I’m in, the same guy that has Brady has Wes Welker and the two of them combined for a preposterous nearly 24 points on a single play. And yes, I lost to one of those guys, thank you very much.

Week 2 is when we start to figure out who’s real (good or bad) and who just got lucky in Week 1.

The home teams are in CAPS and the lines are from Vegas.

NEW ORLEANS -7 over Chicago
The Saints really can’t start the season 0-2, right? And if the Bears win, are they for real having beaten the top two NFC South contenders?

DETROIT -8.5 over Kansas City
The Chiefs couldn’t stop the Bills passing attack at home, what makes you think they’ll fare better in Detroit?

NY JETS -9 over Jacksonville
Sure the Jets probably shouldn’t have won that game, but you have to be good to be lucky.

Oakland +3.5 over BUFFALO
I know that it’s usually a dumb idea to take the Raiders playing a road game at 10 a.m. local time, but I think they’re more real than the Bills are.

WASHINGTON -4 over Arizona
The Redskins are actually playing defence this year. Yes, I’m surprised too.

Baltimore -6.5 over TENNESSEE
Are the Ravens the best team in football? They destroyed the Steelers while the Patriots only handled the lowly Dolphins.

Seattle +14.5 over PITTSBURGH
This line is too high for a team that looked sloppy last week. Of course, I won’t be saying that when they’re up 24-3 at the half.

Green Bay -10 over CAROLINA
The defending champs had 10 days to prepare for Cam Newton. I think they’ll destroy the rookie.

Tampa Bay +3 over MINNESOTA
Donovan McNabb already has the Vikings faithful missing Tarvaris Jackson.

INDIANAPOLIS +3 over Cleveland
The Colts can still take down the Browns without Peyton Manning, right?

Dallas -3 over SAN FRANCISCO
Tony Romo has to recover from that brutal game-ending pick. If not, we can probably write off the Boys chances.

Houston -3 over MIAMI
So the Texans crushed the Colts, and the Fins got crushed. Why is this line only three points?

San Diego +7 over NEW ENGLAND
The Patriots still have some holes in their defence and I’m sure the Chargers are good enough to at least keep this close.

DENVER -3.5 over Cincinnati
The Broncos best feature, their pass rush, was taken out of the game early against Oakland. It won’t be this week.

ATLANTA +3 over Philadelphia
There’s no way that the Falcons can let Michael Vick come “home” and walk away with a win.

NEW YORK GIANTS -7 over St. Louis
Wow, it’s only Week 2 and we’re having the Battered-and-Bruised Bowl already? At least the Giants offence is relatively healthy.

Last week: 6-10-0
This season: 6-10-0
Last season: 138-110-5


  1. Brother, I’m not the biggest fan of Brady myself. Too many backbreaking proline losses to prove it. With that said, and I use my words carefully, Brady will go down as, not just the greatest QB of all-time, but the greatest football player to ever grace the gridiron. Without a doubt.

  2. …btw, good column in the Sun this weekend

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