September 20, 2011

Are there more injuries in the NFL this year?

by Dan Bilicki In: Football, Picks

Is it just me, or does it seems like there are more injuries, especially to legs and knees, than usual this season?

Every time I look at the ticker, it seems that someone else has torn their ACL. Just this week we had the Chiefs’ top running back Jamaal Charles blow out his knee while running out of bounds and Bengals saw their slot guy Jordan Shipley go down.

Granted, I think that Mike Vick’s noggin’ knocker was the first concussion we’ve seen this season — which is a great thing — but the injury reports are getting quite long, quite quick.

Could this have anything to do with players sitting out most of the summer and being rushed through camp? While you could say that players would be fresher because of this, they’re probably less conditioned for going full-steam ahead in game scenarios.

Of course, some of the injury’s we’ve heard about no amount of conditioning could prepare you of. I’m sure there isn’t a workout in the world that can strengthen your ribs and lungs to prevent Tony Romo’s ailments. But kudos should be given for him to tough it out and lead a tremendous comeback just one week after literally giving away a game.

Also, kudos to Tom Brady, who is currently on pace to throw for 7,520 yards this season. That’s just a mere 2,500 or so more than the current record.

This week: 8-7-1
This season: 14-17-1

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