November 7, 2011

Could the Titans release Chris Johnson?

by Dan Bilicki In: Football, Picks

According to Profootball talk, word around the league is that the Titans are considering releasing Chris Johnson after the season. He has played terribly since signing his new deal, but that seems a bit harsh.

His contract does have something like $30-million guaranteed, so why let the guy walk away with that huge amount of money in his pocket for doing nothing?

The worst-case scenario for the Titans would be that he becomes ultra motivated by being cut and returns to his CJ2K form.

But then again, there’s also the chance that getting paid by Tennessee to stay away and by whatever team picks him up, followed by him caring even less because he’s now incredibly rich.

Of course, after weeks of being slagged in the media, Johnson played better than he has so far, but still far below expectations. 64 yards on 14 carries is fine for the average back, but for a supposed superstar? That’s just plain sour.

This week: 7-6 (With PHI -9 tonight).
This season: 65-62-2

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