November 10, 2011

Thursday night goodness/badness

by Dan Bilicki In: Football, Picks

Everybody loves NFL football. It’s a proven fact. Look at how many people cared about the NFL lockout when they weren’t even missing games this summer compared to how few people actually care about the NBA and their silly negotiations to save its season right now.

But with the NFL beginning its slate of Thursday night games for the rest of the year I’m torn. On one hand, more football means more great times. Especially when it’s on in prime time, meaning higher production values.

On the other hand, these Thursday nighters are usually very sloppy affairs owing to the fact that these two teams are coming off of three days rest between games. Smaller injuries don’t have time to heal, coaches don’t have adequate time to gameplan and it’s too hard to install new plans on the shortened schedule. And if the visiting team has to travel any more than an hour or two, that will weigh even more heavy than usual.

Finally, it forced prognosticators like me to file a small post like this every Thursday morning to actually get our picks out there.

So, for tonight, it’s hard to go against the Chargers when the Raiders are playing so poorly right now. Darren McFadden is out again and Carson Palmer is averaging three interceptions per game. This isn’t the best Chargers team in recent memory, but it’s still good enough to whoop their rivals. And could they really lose two November games in a row?

Pick: SAN DIEGO -7 over Oakland

Last week: 7-7
This season: 65-63-2

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