March 15, 2012

It’s Tournament time!

by Dan Bilicki In: Basketball

With the first tipoff of the 63 that will settle who’s the best team in NCAA basketball set for 12:15 today, why not throw out a few predictions and a little bit of a breakdown of what we know, well,  just think we know.

OK, that first sentence has two technically incorrect facts: First, we’ve already played four games in the tournament, but the only people that care about the First Four are people from the schools involved and gamblers. Second, the winner of this all may not in fact be the best team in the States; they’re really just the ones that one those six games in a row.

So what do we think will happen? Let’s make a few quick picks.

-Big upsets first-round upset: New Mexico State over Indiana, Belmont over Georgetown, NC State over San Diego State

-Potential future upsets: Vanderbilt over Syracuse, Marquette over MSU.

-Potential bracket busters: UConn, St. Bonnaventure, Kansas State.

-Region winners: Kentucky, Marquette, Florida State and North Carolina.

-Tournament winner: Kentucky

-MVP: Anthony Davis and his one eyebrow.

I’ll be tweeting all Thursday and Friday while watching the “first-round” matchups, so if you want to follow along, chat and make some predictions, follow me @danbilicki

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