March 26, 2012

Can Kentucky be stopped?

by Dan Bilicki In: Basketball

We’ve boiled down an astounding 68 NCAA basketball teams through a crazy – some would say mad – two weeks and now we’ve found four that are fit enough to make the final. While all have their merits, one team is a clearly above the rest: Kentucky.

Usually an offensive juggernaut – and they’re no slouches on that end this year either – this team is built around an amazing ability to protect the paint. Anthony Davis alone averages almost five blocks a game.

These kids block shots like they’re playing NBA Jam with goaltending turned off.

They also sport two guys that will likely be selected in the top-five of this year’s NBA draft – maybe even as the top two. Along with Davis, the consensus No. 1 overall pick, Michael Kidd-Gilchrist has ridiculous talent as well. Then there’s still Terrence Jones, who stayed in school last year – a Kentucky rarity.

Many will say that they bowed out of last year’s tourney in Final Four and could do it again, but that feels unlikely. Their opponent’s this year (Louisville) do not matchup to the team that defeated the Wildcats last year, the eventual champions, UConn.

There’s no Kemba Walker-level player to lead the Cardinals to the shock upset. It will even be questionable if Louisville can hold a lead against Kentucky. Shockingly, in this entire tournament the most that Kentucky has trailed by is five points. Now that’s amazing.

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