May 8, 2012

You own how many NHL teams?

by Dan Bilicki In: Ice Hockey

Let this be our latest installment of an item that can be run far too often. It’s called: Why the NHL is dumb.

For our May 8 edition, we’re not even talking about the fact that it feels like these playoffs have been going on forever and we’re not even halfway done with them.

No. This time it’s because a person who is part of one team’s ownership group is the lead man in an ownership group trying to purchase the Phoenix Coyotes. Even better, Greg Jamison, the man we’re talking about here, serves on the board of the San Jose Sharks — who play in the same division as the Coyotes!

Has this league never heard of something called a conflict of interest? How can you own pieces of two companies that are competing against each other?

Granted, the NHL can’t be picky with buyers. They’ve had plenty of tentative owners come along during their two-plus seasons of running the team and every one of them has fallen through. So, this isn’t a certainty to go through. But the fact that a deal like this can be struck is just plain sad for the ice hockey league.

So, once again, the NHL is a joke.

*This isn’t even mentioning that Bell Canada now owns parts of the Toronto Maple Leafs and the Montreal Canadiens — two teams I’m sure any person would be happy to invest in.*

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