May 24, 2012

The NBA massively screws up an easy choice

by Dan Bilicki In: Basketball

You would think semi-meaningless end-of-season awards like the all-defensive team would be pretty hard to screw up, but, well I wouldn’t be writing this post if the NBA got it right.

Somehow, when the league named its all-defensive team on Wednesday, Tyson Chandler was on the second team.

Why is that shocking or weird in any way? Well the guy was named the league’s defensive player of the year earlier this month. So, Chandler is good enough to be picked out as the league’s best on defence, yet doesn’t make the starting five.

How can a panel of the league’s 30 coaches screw that up?

Apparently they felt the need to reward Dwight Howard – a man who single-handedly dismantled the Orlando Magic – the team he plays for!

How could the coaches vote for a guy who poisoned his own club and reportedly went to management to get Stan Van Gundy – his own coach – fired? What Howard did was despicable and the last thing he deserves is kudos.

So, with one announcement of an all-NBA team, we get two terrible outcomes: Howard makes his fourth consecutive all-defensive team and the league’s best defender gets completely shafted.

The NBA: It’s FAN-tastic.

Now back to these two brutal Eastern Conference semifinal. The Western champ is going to have it easy in the final…

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