June 4, 2012

Tim Thomas is off his rocker

by Dan Bilicki In: Ice Hockey

It’s an old saying that goalkeepers in any sport have to be at least a little bit insane. After all, it’s their job to put their body in the way or pucks, balls or whatever. But Tim Thomas has taken this to a whole new level. One of Thomas’ screws is definitely loose.

The Bruins star goaltender, who took them to the Cup last season – then declined an invite to the White House – has decided to take next season off.

Perhaps he was a little peeved by trade rumours after the Bruins’ early exit this post-season, but is there a player that hasn’t had to deal with those rumours before?

He’s also 38-years-old. It’s not like he’ll be able to take a year off and come back and still be on top of his game. If he does sit, it should probably be for good.

But confirming that he’s taking a season off isn’t the only batty thing he has done recently.

Thomas, mainly through Facebook, has talked about moving his family to Colorado, posted articles on a coming financial meltdown in the States and talked about re-connecting with his faith – although that isn’t too out there if he believes the end is nigh.

Whatever he is thinking, it’s probably not about the $3 million in salary he will be forfeiting by sitting out, or his team the Boston Bruins. They do have Tuukka Rask as a great starting prospect in net, but it’s pretty hard to replace a guy like Thomas, who has won two of the past three Vezina trophies.

So, best of luck to both Thomas and Bruins. Here’s hoping that he takes some of that time off to talk to a shrink. That might help him reconnect with himself.

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