June 12, 2012

Prediction: LeBron fails again

by Dan Bilicki In: Basketball

The NBA must be overjoyed. It’s finally gotten to the end of a season that was close to not existing. It’s now time to settle which team was able to slog its way through a ridiculous 66-game schedule and a terrible post-season that had some of the worst refereeing since Tim Donaghy graced the hardwood.

There are some legitimate reasons that the NBA and its fans should be excited for this final. We’ll get to watch not just two of the legit best teams in the league, but the two best players in the league will be facing off.

Yes, either LeBron James or Kevin Durant will be taking home their first titles. For James, it would justify his move to Miami – after selling out his hometown of Cleveland with “The Decision.” For Durant, it would be a coronation that he’s not just a great scorer, but a great leader capable of leading his team to win it all.

But since one can only win, here’s hoping that human garbage LeBron does what he has always done in crunch time: Fail.

Pick: Oklahoma City in six games.

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