September 13, 2012

Da Bears meet the Pack

by Dan Bilicki In: Football, Picks

If there’s one thing that the Green Bay Packers don’t want to see right now, it’s another defence that’s capable of putting on the pressure just like San Francisco did to them during Week 1. Well, it’s a shame for them that the Chicago Bears are just that type of team.

With Julius Peppers up front, the Bears are always going to put pressure on opposing offences. Then with an aging, but still good, Brian Urlacher at linebacker, plus Lance Briggs, the LBs can be a force too.

And while it was against the lowly Colts, you can’t discount how good the hookup of Jay Cutler to Brandon Marshall looked. They will be a force in fantasy and real life this season — until one of them is inevitably injured.

The biggest thing that the Pack has going for it — besides the amazing Aaron Rodgers and his bevy of receivers — is that they’re playing at Lambeau Field. You can never discount how much it means to be playing at home on a very short week.
Still, even with the odds looking in the Bears favour to at least cover, I can’t help but think there’s no way that the Pack open the season 0-2 – especially with both games at home.

And as a quick aside, this should be a fantastic special teams game. With Devin Hester and Randall Cobb both returning kicks, there’s a high chance that one of these teams takes one to the house.

Pick: GREEN BAY -6 over Chicago

Last week: 6-10
This season: 6-10

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