September 14, 2012

These picks are for the dogs: Week 2

by Dan Bilicki In: Football, Picks

I’m not sure how I always forget this, but the underdogs usually do better in the opening weeks than the favourites. Look at last week, when the dogs went 10-6. Now that doesn’t mean the trend will hold as Vegas is quite good at adjusting, but I have a feeling that we’ll continue to see some upsets and some favourites failing to cover.

The home teams are in CAPS and the lines are from Vegas.

Tampa Bay +9 over NEW YORK GIANTS
If there’s one thing I’ve learned over the years, it’s that the Giants rarely live up to their billing at home. Plus, the Bucs looked pretty good against the Panthers in Week 1.

NEW ENGLAND -14 over Arizona
It didn’t take long for the Pats to get a double-digit line. I don’t think Kevin Kolb can work his magic against this revamped defence.

Minnesota -1.5 over INDIANAPOLIS
Can the Colts’ brutal offensive line hold off Jared Allen? Doubtful.

CAROLINA +3 over New Orleans
The Panthers running game was absolutely stymied by the Bucs and Cam Newton wasn’t at his finest. The Saints defence looked awful under their interim interim coach and I don’t see it improving on the road.

Kansas City +3 over BUFFALO
Despite seeing the Chiefs get blown out by the Falcons, I think they’re a better team than the Jets – who just crushed the Bills.

Baltimore +3 over PHILADELPHIA
Michael Vick nearly had SEVEN turnovers (four INTs, at least one dropped INT and two fumbles the Eagles kept) against the Browns. The Ravens are much better than the Browns.

MIAMI +3 over Oakland
Every year it seems that the Raiders have to travel to Miami and are forced to play in September heat while wearing their black jerseys. The early start usually gets to them.

CINCINNATI -7 over Cleveland
It’s going to be really fun betting against Brandon Weeden until he loses the starting job.

Houston -7.5 over JACKSONVILLE
The Jags were essentially even with the Vikes while the Texans proved they can loaf through a game and still beat mediocre competition handily.

SEATTLE +3 over Dallas
Do you know what really concerns me this week as a Cowboys fan? The fact that they had so many false start penalties against the Giants. Can you imagine how many they’ll have at Seattle’s thunderous stadium?

Washington +3 over ST. LOUIS
I am all-in on RG3. I even traded for him in one of my fantasy leagues while paying the Week 1 hyperbole premium.

New York Jets +6 over PITTSBURGH
I’m not sure why the Steelers are favoured by nearly a TD in this one. The Jets can at least keep it close and will probably unveil some new Tebow plays.

Tennessee +6 over SAN DIEGO
The Chargers always blow some home game in September that they’re favoured in.

SAN FRANCISCO -7 over Detroit
I’m sure that the Lions are better than their lacklustre performance against the Rams, but the Niners might be the league’s best squad.

Denver +3 over ATLANTA
Bet against Peyton Manning on a Monday night? Against a team that just lost its best CB for the year? No thanks.

This week: 1-0
Last week: 6-10
This season: 7-10

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