October 10, 2012

Baseball playoffs haven’t excited me – yet

by In: Baseball

I’ve got to admit something: I’m not really into the MLB playoffs.

This is quite unusual considering I grew up playing baseball and have had a thirst for the October playoffs every year until now. I’m not sure what happened, but it seems the switch has been flipped.

Maybe it was the reasons that I pointed out in my season wrap-up post, maybe it is something else entirely.

I will admit that the two play-in wild card games were great to watch – especially the controversial ‘Outfield Fly’ rule game that even had my sports-hating wife wondering what was going on. Now that was some riveting baseball, something that doesn’t happen very often.

But so far I’ve been loath to pay attention to these divisional round games. Do you know what certainly didn’t help? Playing a quadruple-header going against a full day of NFL football – only the most popular sport in North America. Whoever thought up that one at MLB headquarters has probably been fired already. That’s a recipe for failure along the lines of “Kevin James starring in a MMA movie.”

I’m sure as October progresses, I’ll find myself more invested in baseball. After all, the high-stakes nature of every at-bat can be infectious. You know, just as long as they don’t keep scheduling games during NFL games. Or have rain delays when there’s not actually any rain.

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