January 11, 2013

NFL conference semifinals picks

by Dan Bilicki In: Football, Picks

Notice how this post isn’t titled ‘Divisional round picks?’ That’s because the name for this round is totally dumb.

How many intradivision games are taking place this weekend? None. So why are we calling it the Divisional Round? The sad thing is that this would be such a minor change that everyone is willing to just overlook it.

Commissioner Roger Goodell hasn’t done much – if anything – good during his reign atop North America’s most popular league, so why not start with baby steps and make this simple change?

So, can we all agree to just call this the conference semifinals, or even just Round 2 now? Heck, I’d settle for the NFL quarterfinals if we can just stop with the whole divisional round name.


The lines are straight from Vegas and the home teams are in CAPS

DENVER -9.5 over Baltimore

The game after the game that’s full of emotion is usually a bad one for teams, and that’s what the Ravens face here after Ray Lewis’ final home game. Also, don’t forget that the Ravens are much worse on the road, visitors get worse in Denver later in the year and the Broncos are one of the most balanced teams in the league and they’re coming off an extra week’s rest. The deck is certainly stacked against Baltimore and the Broncos aren’t a team to waste that advantage.

Green Bay +3 over SAN FRANCISCO

Now that the Packers actually have a somewhat reputable running game and are essentially healthy across the board, an upset is definitely not out of the question here. The Niners could be missing a key cog on defence in Justin Smith, who will be less than 100% if he can suit up. Even though San Fran put a whipping on Green Bay back in the first week of the season, these are two different teams now. The Niners revamped their offence and the Pack are playing up to their potential. So, when in doubt, take the points.

Seattle +2.5 over ATLANTA

Many are quick to think that the Seahawks would have lost last week against the Redskins if RG3 wasn’t hobbled – that’s not necessarily true. The Seahawks torched the Skins defence and there’s no reason they can’t do it again. They are a terrible matchup for the Falcons, too. They have the big corners to cover Roddy White and Julio Jones, they’re a strong rushing team and – as demonstrated in Washington – won’t just flustered if they fall behind.

NEW ENGLAND -9 over Houston

Coming off of a strikingly average performance against the Bengals, the Texans now have to travel to New England where they blown out earlier this season. The only way that Houston has a chance is if it can somehow create a turnover and jump out to a big lead early. Then they can utilize their powerful running game with Arian Foster and control the game. Otherwise the Pats will likely pass the Texans to death yet again.

Last week: 3-1
This playoffs: 3-1
This season: 132-116-8

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