October 10, 2013

Are the Giants as low as they can go?

by Dan Bilicki In: Football, Picks

Earlier this week, a post on SI.com compared the New York Giants to the Jacksonville Jaguars – the Giants came out as the worse team.

The fact that the two are even comparable tells you more about how far the Giants have fallen this season.

This year’s squad is a very un-Giants-like side. All of the strengths of the past now look like weaknesses.

-Eli Manning’s turnovers have become a huge problem again. Like I said in my fantasy column last week, Manning has turned the ball over more than any player in the past three season, totalling 79 times now. It’s hard to win with a stat like that.

-The running game is historically poor. With Andre Brown injured, David Wilson looking more like a bust everyday and Brandon Jacobs actually getting carries, the whole RB corps is looking bad. It also doesn’t help that this team fumbles more often than not, it seems.

-The offensive line is in shambles. Injuries and poor play have given Eli no time to throw and the backs no holes to run through.

-Where’s the pass rush? Sure, they let Osi Umenyiora leave, but that can’t equate to Justin Tuck and Jason Pierre-Paul looking pedestrian. Trading for oft-injured LB Jon Beason doesn’t help them either.

-Tom Coughlin is making stupid mistakes. How else do you explain accepting a penalty that created a third-and-20 situation for Philly and a chance to convert – which it did – over declining and having them punt on fourth and four? That was a turning point in last week’s loss.

How do the Giants turn it around? I’m not sure. The passing game definitely has to get better, the turnovers have to be cut down the defence needs to step up. But right now, at 0-5, the hole this team is digging is already getting too deep to dig out of by the day. Maybe it’s time to look towards next year and a potential rebuild.

But then again, this is exactly the type of season where the G-Men pull it together and somehow beat the Patriots in the Super Bowl. They are only a couple of games out of first in the NFC East.

The pick: BEARS -8 over Giants
Last week: 5-8-1
This season: 34-39-3

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