October 24, 2013

Taking the positives for the Bucs

by Dan Bilicki In: Football, Picks

Let’s face it: This has been a terrible season for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers so far. We’ve seen former first-round pick Josh Freeman, lose his captaincy, confidence and job. We’ve seen a one of the weasliest coaches in the league act like a, well, weasel. We’ve seen them lose every game they’ve played and we’ve now seen their top offensive player, Doug Martin, hurt his shoulder and have reports come out he may miss the rest of the season – which the team of course quickly denied.

So what has gone right for the Bucs?

-They’re working to develop a young QB in Mike Glennon. Only problem with that is that he’s a statue in the pocket and likely won’t develop mobility.

-They have Tim Wright, a rare fantasy guy with the TE/WR tag that made Marques Colston so valuable years ago.

-They could get the first-overall pick in a loaded draft. You know, if the Jags blow it and somehow win a game or two.

-They actually look competent compared to those Jaguars.

-Their defence isn’t terrible, keeping the team in games that the offence has no business being in.

-Greg Schiano should be fired soon, giving hope that this franchise can be turned around under a leader who isn’t a bully who insists on rushing the passer on kneel downs.

As for tonight’s game, there is a possibility that the Bucs keep it close, but I wouldn’t wager on it.

If anything, prime time is a good chance for the Bucs to lay an egg and show their real displeasure with Schiano and his coaching staff. It’s just too bad more sports fans will likely flip over to the World Series instead.

Pick: Carolina -6 over TAMPA BAY

Last week: 7-7-1

This season: 49-53-4

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