October 30, 2013

Your mostly uninformed NBA season preview

by Dan Bilicki In: Basketball

I have to admit: I had no idea that the NBA season was starting last night. And that’s very concerning considering I work on the sports desk and was actually editing Raptors copy the other day. Plus, I’ve been listening to Bill Simmons and Jalen Rose preview each team and still didn’t know the actual date of the opener.

Was there advertising for the opener that I missed, or was I just not looking in the right place?

I also figured that hoops started up on Halloween, or even the night after. Not on Oct. 29. And on a Tuesday night while the World Series is still going on no less.

Did the NBA not want to go up against the NFL on Thursday night? Because considering the quality of the NFL’s Thursday night games, I’m pretty sure LeBron James and Co. could have wiped the floors with it.

Well, whatever the reason, the hoops season is under the way and we actually might  have a competition for the title this year. Don’t get me wrong, James is probably going to win once again, but at least he might have to try this time.

Here are some predictions for the 2013-14 campaign.

Atlantic Division: Brooklyn Nets.

Central Division: Chicago Bulls.

Southeast Division: Miami Heat.

Southwest Division: San Antonio Spurs.

Northwest Division: Oklahoma City Thunder.

Pacific Division: L.A. Clippers.

Eastern conference final: Heat over Nets.

Western conference final: Clippers over Thunder.

NBA Finals: Heat over Clippers in five.

MVP: Kevin Durant, OKC

Rookie of the year: Victor Oladipo, ORL

Defence player: Joakim Noah, CHI

Surprises: Detroit, New Orleans, Minnesota.

Disappointments: Cleveland, New York Knicks, Houston, Golden State.

Worst team in league: Philadelphia 76ers.

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