October 31, 2013

The NFL’s ’scariest’ mistake in a while

by Dan Bilicki In: Football, Picks

The NFL has made a grave error.

No, it’s not about Washington’s offensive nickname, player safety or even the fact that one guy said he’s going to try to tear people’s ACLs now.

It’s the fact that there is a game being played on Halloween night and it’s in Miami.

Why is this so bad? Because in terms of fan apathy, Miami ranks near the top.

This could have been a great opportunity to have the fans of Oakland or New Orleans dress up for their team’s game and really show off their fine costume crafting.

Instead, I’m not sure what we will see but I’m sure it won’t wow anybody.

But, getting to the actual game, this should be a nightmare for the Dolphins.

The Cincinnati Bengals are coming down to South Florida as one of the hottest teams in the league after laying a beating on the Jets last week.

Receiver Marvin Jones scored an amazing four receiving TDs in the game and has seven on the season – or just four less than the entire Dolphins team and six more than Mike Wallace.

And then there was the bizarre story on Wednesday that starting tackle Jonathan Martin took off from the team facility after being pranked and hasn’t returned yet.

Plus, Miami just blew a big lead against the Patriot despite holding Tom Brady to just 116 yards.

Of course, these Thursday night games are nutty and anything can happen, but I don’t think the Cats will falter here.

Pick: Cincinnati -2.5 over MIAMI

Last week: 6-7

This season: 55-60-4

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