November 8, 2013

Change your name already, Washington

by Dan Bilicki In: Football, Picks

You might not have noticed it, but so far this season I have not used the Washington NFL team’s nickname in any of my blog posts or columns this season. That won’t be changing any time soon.

While there have been many columns, articles and blogs explaining why this media boycott is taking place, I’ll keep it simple with my one big reason.

The people that the name is supposed to honour are offended by it.

That should be the start and the end of it. If there wasn’t Native Americans protesting the name that at its heart is a derogatory slur, then I would ‘fine, keep it.’

That’s not the case.

In fact, one of the few things that U.S. President Obama has gotten right recently is coming out and saying that the team should look into a name change.

If not for one of the most stubborn owners in sports, it might actually happen.

While Dan Snyder coming out and simply changing the team name to one of the many suggested names – I’m fond of Warriors, even if it a bit generic – I would really just like to see one of these two options happen.

1. Ask RG3 what he thinks of the name. If there’s one person that can get this change rolling, it’s RG3. He’s the superstar of the franchise, a bright a kid and the touted future face of team. If he speaks out against the name, I’m sure that would start the process.

2. Change the logo. I don’t find the current logo offensive, it’s really not the issue at all. But if you change it to a potato, then the nickname isn’t offensive at all. You’d even inherit a tertiary nickname: The Spuds.

The ball is in Snyder’s court and it’s just sad that he’s not going to do anything to change this blatantly derogatory name. It’s a relic from a bygone era and should be done away with.

The lines are from 5Dimes and the home teams are in CAPS

Jacksonville +12.5 over TENNESSEE

So, the Jaguars can’t go winless, right? This is one of three winnable games Jacksonville has left, so why not risk it and take the points?

GREEN BAY (pk) over Philadelphia

Without Aaron Rodgers, this game is really a coin flip. The only reason Nick Foles looked so good last week was because the Raiders let him – the Packers won’t. Green Bay needs a win to keep pace with Bears or Lions, who face off this week.

Buffalo +3 over PITTSBURGH

The Bills proved they can play well with even their fourth-string QB at the helm. With EJ Manuel, there’s no reason not to take the points.

Oakland +9 over NEW YORK GIANTS

This line somehow moved five points in the Giants favour after opening at -4. Is there really a player on either of these teams that justifies that? I don’t think so and I’ll gladly back the Raiders getting that much.

St. Louis + 11 over INDIANAPOLIS

The Colts just don’t win blowouts. They also have a bad run defence that Zac Stacy can take advantage.

Seattle -7 over ATLANTA

The Seahawks have looked mortal recently and road games usually give them problems, especially early ones. But the Falcons just don’t have it this year – luck and talent.

BALTIMORE (pk) over Cincinnati

The defending champions are in desperate need of this win and the Bengals seem to lose an important player every week.

Detroit -1 over CHICAGO

Josh McCown looked surprisingly decent in Jay Cutler’s absence and will likely get the call again. The Lions are coming off their bye though and will be fired up to take to control of this division.

SAN FRANCISCO -7 over Carolina

The Panthers are everyone’s it team right now after rolling off a nice winning streak. That will end when the Cats finally face a good team.

ARIZONA -1 over Houston

Can you really trust Wade Phillips running the show? This will be an emotional one for the Texans, but I can’t help but have nightmare flashbacks of Phillips on the sidelines coaching my Cowboys.

SAN DIEGO +7.5 over Denver

The Chargers have the offensive firepower to hang within a touchdown against the Broncos and it doesn’t hurt to grab this amount of points on a home dog.

NEW ORLEANS -7.5 over Dallas

Even DeMarcus Ware’s return won’t give Dallas a chance of running with the Saints in the dome. Also, Rob Ryan will be aiming for some sweet revenge.

TAMPA BAY +1 over Miami

Just another in a long line of terrible Monday night matchups. There’s just too much drama going on with the Dolphins right now to think they’ll be focused here.

This week: 0-1
Last week: 5-8
This season: 60-69-4

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