November 15, 2013

Can these Colts be Super?

by Dan Bilicki In: Football, Picks

In Thursday’s post, I ask if the Colts are really a contender. Today, I have a better question: Can the Colts win the Super Bowl if they can simply play just above at their opponents’ level?

That’s what seems to happen every week now. Just look at Thursday night’s match against the Titans. The Colts fell back big early before recalibrating at the half and mounting a quick second-half comeback – par for the course. It seems to happen every week and Andrew Luck’s record of comeback wins sure dictates that.

Sure, there are times when Luck is off and the Colts just fall flat, like last week against the Rams.

But if the league’s top sophomore QB can keep this up, can the Colts actually win it all?

It all comes down to luck and Luck. If the team can avoid deep first-half droughts and if then Luck can continue to lead like he has been, it’s not out of the question.

It’s just really hard to believe that this strategy will actually work. We have seen weirder things happen though, and after all, as the saying goes: “On any given Sunday…”

The lines are from 5Dimes and the home teams are in CAPS

Atlanta -1.5 over TAMPA BAY

If not for Mike James’ injury, I would have leaned towards the Bucs. Instead, I just hope that Matt Ryan can remain fantasy relevant for me down the stretch.

BUFFALO -1 over New York Jets

If the trend holds true, that means the Jets fall here. There’s a bit too much hype about this team making the playoffs while you can’t underestimate this Bills team at home.

Detroit -2.5 over PITTSBURGH

I’m actually really torn on this one and the line’s not helping. But I think that, in the end, the Steelers won’t be able to do enough to exploit the Lions below-average pass defence.

Washington +3.5 over PHILADELPHIA

Can the Eagles pick up their first home win since Sept. 2012? Surprisingly no, I think. Washington didn’t deserve to lose last Thursday and have had that extra time to prepare for the mighty Nick Foles.

San Diego -1.5 over MIAMI

The Dolphins mess is far from cleared up. They also can’t block for Ryan Tannehill or run the ball at all while the Chargers are good at applying pressure.

CHICAGO -3 over Baltimore

The Ravens tried to give away last week’s game while the Bears did by sticking with Jay Cutler. Josh McCown was the better option last week and is this week too.

Cleveland +6 over CINCINNATI

The Bengals are really falling apart thanks to injuries and this in-state rivalry is usually a close game.

HOUSTON -7 over Oakland

If Pryor can’t run with the ball, the Raiders will stink. Without his mobility, that offence is completely shot.

JACKSONVILLE +7 over Arizona

Two in a row for the Jags?! Maybe not, but seven at home against the Cards flying east is a realistic bet.

SEATTLE -12.5 over Minnesota

The Seahawks could have three of their injured offensive linemen back for this one. That’s much bigger than getting Percy Harvin in the lineup.

NEW ORLEANS -3 over San Francisco

Talk about a marquee matchup. The high-flying Saints showed that they can play well enough on defence to be a real Super Bowl threat.

NEW YORK GIANTS -5 over Green Bay

The Giants are just getting really lucky with the schedule, right? At this rate, I wouldn’t be surprised to see them rally and beat the Pats in the Super Bowl. Also, who isn’t cheering for Matt Flynn to come in the game for the Pack and complete the circle of life, right?

Kansas City +9.5 over DENVER

The biggest issue here is Peyton Manning’s ankle. If the Chiefs can pressure him, it could be a long day for the Broncos offence. I also doubt Denver’s ability to slow down Jamaal Charles.

New England +2.5 over CAROLINA

Many will say that the Panthers proved that they are for real by shutting down the 49ers. I still don’t believe. San Fran has plenty of issues on offence and the Cats will face a much bigger test in prime time here.

Pick: 1-0
Last week: 9-5
This season:  70-73-4

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