December 5, 2013

From top pick to playoffs in four games? Believe it

by Dan Bilicki In: Football, Picks

A few keen observers around the Internet were quick to note an oddity in the NFL standings right now: The Houston Texans are currently the worst team in the league at 2-10 but can somehow still make the playoffs.

Sure, it would take a lot of luck and the Texans of course have to win out, but how crazy would that be?

First of all, this scenario would see a 6-10 team make the playoffs. That’s exponentially worse than when the 7-9 Seahawks won their division to make the post-season because the NFC West was so garbage that year. The 6-10 Texans making it would mean that the sixth-best AFC team was a stunning four games below .500 – pathetic.

Also, the following things would have to happen: The Ravens and Dolphins have to lose out, the Titans, Steelers, Chargers and Jets can only win one game each and the Raiders, Browns and Bills can only go 2-2 or worse.

Yet, somehow, that actually doesn’t seem entirely unrealistic.

Of course, the Texans would have to beat the Colts and Broncos on the way there, which is the one real thing that stands in the way of this Houston dream.

And, aren’t those types of scenarios exactly the ones that things like the playoff generator are made for?

As for tonight, let’s hope the dream starts here.

Pick: Houston -3 over JACKSONVILLE
Last week: 9-5-2
This season: 88-94-9

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