December 13, 2013

Football in the Olympics? That won’t work

by Dan Bilicki In: Football, Olympics, Picks

Earlier this week there was a report that American football had received provisional recognition by the International Olympic Committee, which means that it could potentially be included in the 2024 Olympic Games.

Of course, there’s still a vote to be had by the IOC in 2017 to decide that, and who knows what American football will even look like almost 11 years from now, but I’ll just come right out and say it: This s a bad idea.

American football should not be an Olympic sport.

The first thing that comes to mind is that it would be incredibly one-sided, favouring the U.S. by an unbelievable amount. Canada would likely be the second-best nation thanks to the CFL, but we’re still light years behind the Americans at the sport.

Let’s put it this way: Even in the CFL there aren’t any non-American QBs.

You would be very hard-pressed to even scrape together an entire roster of decent-quality players to compete in the Games.

And let’s not forget that IOC is looking at getting rid of women’s ice hockey because it feels the sport isn’t competitive enough thanks the dominance of Canada and the U.S. – how would it feel about adding a one-team sport?

It’s not as if using amateurs would help the competitiveness either. Thanks to the NCAA’s strict rules that keep their players amateurs, you can basically field a college all-star team for the Games if that was the case.

Then there’s also the fact that football is a dangerous game. Would NFL teams actually allow their players to miss training camp and the pre-season to compete at a high level and risk injury? I would say doubtful. As much as you try to minimize injuries, they will happen in a game with hitting on every play.

Training camp is also when a team bonds and chemistry is formed, especially among the groups that act as units during the game. Take out a few pieces and a team could be playing catch-up a few weeks into the regular season.

The lines are from 5Dimes and the home teams are in CAPs.

ATLANTA -7 over Washington

The Falcons have looked frisky now that Roddy White looks 100% and Washington is, well, oh my God.

San Francisco -5 over TAMPA BAY

The Bucs have been coming on strong thanks to their running game and defence, but the 49ers will be able to completely shut down that running attack. Also, bet the under for this one.

Arizona -2.5 over TENNESSEE

Hate to see the Honey Badger injured, but that shouldn’t sidetrack this under-the-radar potential playoff team.

New Orleans -5.5 over ST. LOUIS

A dome’s a dome right? The Saints might be able to finally run up the score in a road game this season.

Seattle -7.5 over NEW YORK GIANTS

The Giants are done for and the Seahawks can’t afford to slip heading towards that priceless home-field advantage.

Chicago (pk) over CLEVELAND

It’s a gutsy move to bench Josh McCown after how he played in Cutler’s stead, especially when you consider Cutler’s contract status. Either way, the Bears win this one.

Houston +5.5 over INDIANAPOLIS

So who will be the worst division winner: The Colts or the NFC East winner? With the Eagles flying high, it’s looking like Indy. Even a rudderless ship like the Texans can cover against Indy.

JACKSONVILLE +1 over Buffalo

The Jags are looking good enough now that I’m actually confused as to why they’re getting a point against slumping Buffalo.

New England -1 over MIAMI

Gronk’s injury hurts the Patriots’ Super Bowl chances, but at least they’re already used to playing without him from earlier this season.

Philadelphia -5 over MINNESOTA

Even if Adrian Peterson suits up, he’s still not the best running back in this game.

CAROLINA -12.5 over New York Jets

How many turnovers will Geno Smith and Co. have? Could this reach double-digits?

Kansas City -4.5 over OAKLAND

The Chiefs have been rolling on offence and that shouldn’t change here. The Raiders should be packing it in based on their new “college-style” QB system to play both Matt McGloin and Terrelle Pryor.

Green Bay (NL) over DALLAS

It’s all falling apart in Big D. At least Washington looks like an absolute wreck compared to Jerry Jones’ usual circus act.

Cincinnati -2.5 over PITTSBURGH

There are cracks showing in the foundation of the Steelers, meaning the offence will likely get an overhaul in the off-season. The Bengals have dealt well with their rash of injuries.

Baltimore +7 over DETROIT

Stop if this sounds familiar 1: The Ravens are getting hot towards the end of the season and getting ready for a playoff run. Stop if this sounds familiar 2: The Lions can’t stop giving away the ball and games.

This week: 0-1

Last week: 8-6

This season: 96-101-9

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