June 19, 2014

World Cup 2014 Power Rankings: V1

by Dan Bilicki In: Soccer

I had been writing this up for the blog, but our editor decided he liked them so much, we’d put them in the paper. Either way, here they are in case you missed them.

After a round of games (plus Brazil-Mexico), let’s take a look at where every nation at the World Cup stands — with a lot sure to change in the coming days and weeks.

1. Netherlands – Couldn’t have looked better in destroying defending champion and world No. 1 Spain.

2. Germany – Didn’t even look that great yet crushed a supposed contender.

3. Italy – Looks like one of the best all-around teams in Brazil and should go far.

4. France – Was never threatened against 10-man Honduras. Might’ve choked in the past.

5. Colombia – The Colombians’ defending was among the best we’ve seen. Aggressive yet controlled.

6. Belgium – Lack of true fullbacks could be exploited by a better opponent.

7. Brazil – Benefitted from calls in first game, then was held by good goalkeeping in second.

8. Argentina – Supposed title contender looked sloppy and were lucky to get three points.

9. Chile – Had a few scares, but was ultimately the better team; much bigger tests looming.

10. Switzerland – Looked above average all over pitch and was rewarded with late winner.

11. Bosnia & Herzegovina – Unlucky on the first goal, but controlled much of the match.

12. Mexico – Could have had a couple more goals against Cameroon. Played well against hosts.

13. Ivory Coast – Got a much-needed boost from Drogba in second half. Expect him to start.

14. England – Strong performance by young guns hid the ineffectiveness of veterans.

15. Costa Rica – Perhaps the biggest surprise so far, but had a decent history against Uruguay.

16. Russia – Akinfeev’s big mistake cost this boring side a chance at three points.

17. Croatia – Rightfully had complaints about officiating, but also couldn’t finish chances.

18. USA – Are going to have to improve all over the pitch to have a chance to advance.

19. Ecuador – Were one tackle or one whistle or one blocked cross away from a point.

20. Ghana – Sent way too many chances over the bar and paid for it in the end.

21. Spain – Hardest team to place. Could be last thanks to awful defence, but have to respect pedigree.

22. Algeria – Content to defend and hit off the counter. Did well to frustrate Belgium.

23. Portugal – Blew the few chances it had before ultimately falling to pieces.

24. Uruguay – A very disappointing showing. Couldn’t defend and lacked creativity in attack.

25. Japan – Without Honda, this team might be totally lost. Overwhelmed by bigger opponent.

26. South Korea – Lucked into a point, but did show that it can defend against an uncreative team.

27. Australia – Entire offence seems to be based around Cahill headers. Can it do anything else?

28. Greece – The Greeks can’t score and couldn’t defend in first game. Bad stuff.

29. Cameroon – Was always second best against a very average Mexican side.

30. Nigeria – Lacked the talent and creativity to unlock a weaker team.

31. Iran – Well, it can defend crosses, but I’m not sure what else it can do.

32. Honduras – Couldn’t muster a chance even when it had all 11 men.

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