December 25, 2014

Giving gifts to the sporting world

by Dan Bilicki In: Uncategorized

Being Christmas and all, I’ve decided to get in the spirit and give some gifts to some of the top sports and leagues in the world. Hope they enjoy them.

NBA – Scissors to cut the sleeves off those terrible-looking jerseys. There’s nothing worse than watching NBA players in those awful uniforms. Even asking the players, they prefer the freedom of movement for their arms. So why are they forced to wear them as alternates so often? Oh, right, money.

NHL – Power plays that last the entire two minutes. The sport of ice hockey is in some pretty good shape actually, especially with fighting down this season. So, why not give a little boost to scoring and have players serve the full two minutes of a penalty? I’d also eliminate icing on penalty kills, but that would just lead to longer games and more delays.

Another gift for the NHL: Mumps vaccine.

NFL – A team in Los Angeles and a competent commissioner. Both are needed and pretty self-explanatory. And if I was choosing which team to move to L.A., there’s no more obvious candidate than an Oakland Raiders return.

MLB – A pitch clock and glue on batters’ shoes. This sport needs to speed up and those are the two best ways. Make sure that pitchers aren’t dilly-dallying around on the mound and let’s not let batters step out of the box every pitch. It’s killing the game.

Soccer – An honest and accountable governing body and revote on the 2018 and 2022 World Cups. Sepp Blatter’s FIFA has come under so much fire and scrutiny that it needs to be taken down. And while I’m fine with Russia hosting in 2018, it’s clear that Qatar shouldn’t be getting the tournament in 2022.

CFL – An actual fanbase in Toronto, an actual owner for the Argos, a 10th team and a visible line of scrimmage. 1. The CFL needs its franchise in Canada’s biggest city to have more of a footprint on the landscape here. Half-full stadiums look pathetic. 2. It’s a joke that David Braley owns two teams in this league. Let’s find somebody that will actually care about the Argos and move them into a more comfortable home. 3. Nine teams in a football league with somebody on a bye every week is a joke. 4. The biggest joke about play in the CFL is that somebody is offside on every play. Let’s put an end to this.

Formula 1 – Another exciting season like 2014’s. The title race came right down to the end and next season with all of the driver moves, it should be the same.

NASCAR – More right turns. While many are excited by racing on ovals, the real test is the road courses like Watkins Glen. Let’s see more of them in NASCAR.

Tennis – A Lou Marsh Award for Eugenie Bouchard. Let’s face it: She was robbed because 2014 was a Winter Olympic year.

Golf – A return of the old Tiger Woods. Nobody has been more exciting when at the top of their game.

WWE – A John Cena heel turn. Seeing the company’s top guy go to the dark side is every smark’s dream. It will never happen though.

UFC – A CM Punk win. The amount of attention a win from Phil Brooks would get would be unheard of. I’m not sure it will happen though.

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