August 18, 2015

Chelsea feeling the Blues

by Dan Bilicki In: Soccer

What was supposed to be the biggest game of the season turned out to a pretty one-sided affair, with defending champions Chelsea taking it on the chin from Manchester City in what amounted to a walkover.

Don’t let Jose Mourinho fool you: This one wasn’t really close. The Blues manager said that his team were right in the game and it was incredibly close, which really has to make you question what game he was watching.

Chelsea has not looked good in the first two games of the season, with its defence uncharacteristically leaking five goals so far. In fact, only Sunderland has shipped more goals in this young season.

It has gotten so bad that the Special One even took off his captain, John Terry, at halftime. This is the same Terry that played every minute of last season.

While many will over-react and say that Chelsea has no shot at retaining the title and this will be a lost season, I say calm down.

You can’t forget that this is a team with excellent pedigree and Mourinho is the best in the world at his job. Count out the Blues at your own peril.

But while Chelsea was pretty poor, you can’t discount how well City played in the 3-0 win.

With Sergio Aguero making his first start of the season, this team will only get better too.

Both Yaya Toure and Vincent Kompany are back in top form as well, which should send shivers down opponents’ spines.

It’s going to take a lot to knock this team off the top of the table.


While Southampton’s defence isn’t looking like the rock-solid unit that it was last season, you have to be impressed with Romelu Lukaku’s performance on Saturday.

The Belgian bagged a brace in Everton’s 3-0 win and looks well on his way to forgetting the frustrating season he had last year.

With both Lukaku and Ross Barkley playing well, Everton should be able to Europa League this year.


You just can’t stop the Foxes. Riyad Mahrez scored again to lead Leicester City to victory. In fact, Leicester is tied with Man City for goals scored so far and you have to be excited about them keeping up its incredible form from the end of last season … What the heck was going on with the pitch design at Southampton? Whoever mows the turf must’ve been high on something … The only thing that was ugly about Everton’s performance at St. Mary’s was their kit. That brown and green getup is a monstrosity … It looks like we have the same old dumb stuff happening at Newcastle again. How else can you explain Daryl Janmaat getting sent off in the first half for a stupid second yellow? … Not sure how the refs allowed that Christian Benteke goal against Bournemouth. Philippe Coutinho was clearly offside and tried for the ball before Benteke kicked it home. With the new offside rule in place, it should’ve been whistled dead … The Cherries were also a bit robbed of an equalizer by the ref as well on a really soft foul call in the box. Both Liverpool and Man United are on six points after starting the season with two 1-0 wins. Neither have looked very impressive so far, though.


It’s a cliche figure of speech, but you really do see something new every week.

For instance, have you ever seen a goalkeeper sent off down in the other team’s penalty box?

That’s what happened to West Ham’s Adrian against Leicester.

After coming up for a corner in injury time, the Hammers’ keeper tried to play a ball that was just cleared out of the box.

He missed. Instead, he ended up cleating a Leicester player straight in the chest.

While it surely wasn’t intentional, it was one of those things that you just never see and probably won’t see again.

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