September 11, 2015

Another scandal for Goodell to bungle + Week 1 picks

by Dan Bilicki In: Football, Picks

Welcome back to the biggest sport in North America.

The champs showed exactly why they won the Super Bowl last year, they’re simply a great team with leaders on and off the field. Very much unlike the league front office.

In fact, the commissioner didn’t even show up for the game, probably afraid of being booed mercilessly or laughed at for his incompetence in the Deflategate “scandal.”

But it seems like the Pats can’t have a game go by without at least one sketchy thing happening.

This was, of course, the Steelers getting some radio broadcast bleed in on their coaches’ headsets.

While I’m sure that it was a simple, ahem, miscommunication, you can never rule out the evil empire.

I just can’t wait for Roger Goodell to make a mess out of another asinine investigation.

The home teams are in CAPS and the lines are from Vegas.

Green Bay -7 over CHICAGO

Even without Jordy Nelson, this Packers team should annihilate the Bears.

Kansas City (pk) over HOUSTON

A good defence with hopefully a better passing game against a team that will start Alfred Blue? I’ll take the Chiefs.

NEW YORK JETS -3 over Cleveland

This will probably be the worst game of the week. A defensive battle between two mediocre-at-best QBs. In that case, it’s probably best to take the home team.

Indianapolis -2.5 over BUFFALO

This line has actually moved down since opening at -4. I don’t see why. The Bills are alright, but the Colts should be an offensive juggernaut.

Miami -3.5 over WASHINGTON

Washington is in such disarray, you can’t pick them against a potential playoff team like the Dolphins. Also, Washington has only won one game that Kirk Cousins started and finished – not a good sign.

JACKSONVILLE +3 over Carolina

Call me crazy, but I think the Jags might be the better than some think this season. The Panthers weren’t exactly a good team last season, either.

Seattle -4 over ST. LOUIS

With Benny Cunningham the likely starting RB for the Rams, that leaves a lot to be desired for an offensive facing the league’s best defence.

ARIZONA -1 over New Orleans

This line baffles me. The Saints aren’t good by any means and the Cards won 11 games last year despite suffering a lot of injuries.

Detroit +3 over SAN DIEGO

This should be one of the better games this week. Both sides are pretty good and I’ll gladly take the points.

TAMPA BAY -3 over Tennessee

A battle between the top two picks in the draft in Week 1? This one might actually be rough as the tough rookies get their first starts. The Bucs defence should be better at stopping Mariota than the Titans against Winston.

Cincinnati -3 over OAKLAND

Sure, they’re on the road, but aren’t the Bengals the better team here by far?

DENVER -4.5 over Baltimore

The Ravens could actually give the Broncos a handful, but Denver’s altitude should give it a nice home-field advantage.

New York Giants +7 over DALLAS

This is a lot of respect for a Cowboys team that should regress this season. Also, the Giants should play this one tight.

Philadelphia -2.5 over ATLANTA

An outstanding offence up against a terrible defence? Of course I’ll lay 2.5 points with Chip Kelly’s boys.

Minnesota -2.5 over SAN FRANCISCO

Ah yes, the good ol’ “screw the East Coast” Monday night doubleheader. Considering the overhaul that the Niners underwent in the off-season and the Vikings potential, Minnesota fans should stay up late to watch this win.

This week: 0-0-1

Last season: 141-111-4

Last playoffs: 5-6

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