November 6, 2015

Stop messing with jerseys + Week 9

by Dan Bilicki In: Football, Picks

And now, for no particular reason at all, let’s start messing with team’s uniforms on the Thursday nighters!

Sounds like a brilliant idea, right? No, of course not.

Thursday night football is bad enough. Why assault our eyes with these new “Color Rush” uniforms from Nike?

Over course, that’s a rhetorical question because we all know that it’s a cash grab. Co-worker and Bills season-ticket holder Mike Koreen received an e-mail minutes after the jerseys were unveiled with a link to buy his own. He smartly declined.

If you want a look at what the Jets and Bills will be wearing next week, you can see the monstrosities here.

I mean, that’s not even the Jets’ real green. And the Bills look like they’re wearing Patriots alternates.

And this isn’t a one-off, either.

We can look forward to matchups like Tennessee in all blue and Jacksonville in gold and the Bucs in all red against the Rams in either a blue or yellow monstrosity, I’m assuming.

The best, perhaps, will be Carolina in an all-neon-blue outfit against Dallas in, get this, white. Yes, somehow the Cowboys Color Rush uniforms won’t even involve a colour.

With the Thursday night games moving back to the NFL Network from CBS in the States, at least there will be some fans that won’t even be able to watch these horror shows.

The lines are from Vegas and the home teams are in CAPs.

CINCINNATI -11 over Cleveland

In a Thursday night Battle of Ohio, there’s only one winner and it’s not Johnny Manziel, the Browns or the fans watching.

PITTSBURGH -4.5 over Oakland

Losing Le’Veon Bell certainly hurts, but Big Ben is back and the Steelers defence has returned to past season’s form.

Jacksonville +9 over NEW YORK JETS

The Jaguars are a bit underrated and can move the ball. The Jets are one hit to Ryan Fitzpatrick’s thumb away from being in some serious trouble under centre.

St. Louis (pk) over MINNESOTA

Tedd Bridgewater is the difference here. He hasn’t looked good and will be under a lot of pressure from the Rams pass rush.

BUFFALO -3 over Miami

Losing Cameron Wake makes this Dolphins defence look very mortal again.

Tennessee +9.5 over NEW ORLEANS

Like the Dolphins have shown, maybe a switch from a coach that has completely lost to an average one will improve your team. Or at least make a cover possible here.

NEW ENGLAND -15 over Washington

This is a lot of points. Enough to make me actually consider taking Kirk Cousins in New England. Just not enough, though.

CAROLINA +2.5 over Green Bay

The Broncos showed last week that the Packers can, in fact, be shut down. If Carolina can follow that lead, Green Bay could be on a losing streak.

Atlanta -7.5 over SAN FRANCISCO

The 49ers are in full-on tank mode. I mean, does nobody in their front office remember how bad Blaine Gabbert is?

New York Giants -2.5 over TAMPA BAY

The Bucs just don’t win at home and the Giants offence can come up big in this matchup, too.

Denver -5 over INDIANAPOLIS

At this point, you’re no longer betting on Peyton Manning, you’re betting on the Broncos dominant defence.

Philadelphia -2.5 over DALLAS

Until Tony Romo comes back, I just can’t take the Cowboys, even against a disappointing Eagles team.

Chicago +4 over SAN DIEGO

At this rate, the Chargers will end the season with as many players on the IR as active. They also don’t have a home-field advantage.

Last week: 7-5-2

This season: 66-46-7

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