November 20, 2015

Color Rush to the toilet + Week 11 picks

by Dan Bilicki In: Football, Picks

Did Nike just not run those Jacksonville Jaguars uniforms by anyone before debuting them for Thursday night’s game? That must have been the case, right?

Because if anybody with the slightest bit of taste saw those all-gold monstrosities, they would’ve been nipped in the bud.

Maybe looking at his teammates in those uniforms were what caused Blake Bortles’ bathroom break in the second half.

The Carolina Panthers’ getups for Thanksgiving aren’t much better either, featuring head-to-toe neon blue. At least the Cowboys’ all-whites look decent, if only because they look normal.

The home teams are in CAPs and the lines are from Vegas.

Tennessee +3 at JACKSONVILLE

I know that every team has to have a Thursday nighter, but many was this a terrible one. Maybe it was actually smart to have this two terrible teams face off.

Washington +7 over CAROLINA

The Panthers may be undefeated, but this feels like a trap game. Washington is capable of having big ones and could surprise the Cats.

Oakland -2 over DETROIT

The Raiders don’t travel east very well, but the Lions are coming off a massive, emotional win and have their annual Thanksgiving game coming up too.

Dallas (pk) over MIAMI

OK, Tony, let’s see what you can do.

ATLANTA -6 over Indianapolis

Matt Hasselbeck has been surprisingly competent in relief of Andrew Luck and might pull out a cover. But the Falcons need to seriously bounce back if they want to stay in the playoff race.

St. Louis +2 over BALTIMORE

The Rams may have suffered a big loss last week, but this is still a much more talented team than the Ravens.

New York Jets -2.5 over HOUSTON

If you want to bet on T.J. Yates and Alfred Blue, go right ahead.

Tampa Bay +5.5 over PHILADELPHIA

At this point, why should the Eagles be giving more than a field goal to anybody?

Denver +2 over CHICAGO

I can’t be the only one that thinks Brock Osweiler might be an upgrade over Peyton Manning at this point, right? Either way, that Broncos defence is still beastly.

Kansas City -3 over SAN DIEGO

The Chargers don’t have a home-field advantage and the Chiefs seem to be on track after a rough start to the season.

Green Bay +1 over MINNESOTA

The Packers can’t lose four in a row, can they? I think I’ll just RELAX and take them.

SEATTLE -12.5 over San Francisco

The Seahawks have to be pissed about coughing up their big lead to Arizona last week. At least they can take it out on the poor 49ers.

Cincinnati +5 over ARIZONA

When two of the best teams in the league play, should the line really be this high? There are still some Bengals left that will want to take it to Carson Palmer, too.

NEW ENGLAND -7 over Buffalo

The Pats always beat the Bills. It’s a fact. And with New England getting some key linemen back, that only helps.

Last week: 11-2

This season: 86-52-7

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