November 11, 2016

The Browns really could go 0-16 + Week 10 picks

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So, the Browns really do have a legit chance at going 0-16, don’t they?

After last night’s blowout loss in Baltimore, there aren’t too many more opportunities for this 0-10 to finally chalk one up in the win column.

In fact, if we were to bet on it, putting money on Cleveland matching Detroit’s futility record might be the smart money.

With Pittsburgh and the Giants coming up next before a much-needed bye week, that should get them to 0-12. Then comes the Bengals, Bills, Chargers and Steelers again.

The best shot looks like that game in Buffalo, but even then the Bills may be close to the wild-card race.

Perhaps the whole Believeland dream is dead after the Indians fell to the Cubs in the World Series after blowing a 3-1 lead.

And perhaps the worst news for the Browns: None of the QBs in the coming draft class are grading out as franchise saviours, according to many draftniks. So it’s looking like 2017 might not be the start of a Browns turnaround, either.

The lines are from Vegas and the home teams are in CAPs.

BALTIMORE -10 over Cleveland

Watching the sequence in the fourth quarter when the Browns nearly gave up a safety, then nearly had a batted ball intercepted for a TD, then had another pass batted down, was just about as inept as you can get.

Atlanta +1 over PHILADELPHIA

I really can’t get a read on the Eagles this season. With how things are going, they’ll probably shut down the high-flying Falcons this week because I’m taking Atlanta.

TAMPA BAY +1.5 over Chicago

The Bears are coming off a win in a rivalry game with the Vikings and won’t be as fired up to face the Bucs on the road. Tampa should get Doug Martin back, which will only help its struggling run game.

WASHINGTON -3 over Minnesota

The Vikings defence isn’t holding up so well while Washington has proven it can move the ball in a variety of ways. Unless Sam Bradford starts showing some improvement, Minnesota’s slide will continue.

Kansas City +3 at CAROLINA

With Alex Smith and Spencer Ware back in the lineup, we’re not sure why the Chiefs are seen as even with Carolina. The Panthers barely beat the lowly Rams last week and will have trouble again.

Houston -1 over JACKSONVILLE

The Jags only getting a point is enough to get my pick. The Texans still aren’t anything special, but they’re better than the Jags.

Green Bay -2.5 over TENNESSEE

The Packers are another team that needs to get its ducks in a row. Their run defence should hold up the Titans fairly well and then Aaron Rodgers can go to work. Also, Mike McCarthy should be feeling the pressure about now.

NEW YORK JETS -2 over Los Angeles

Home-field advantage should be enough for the Jets to eke out a win in the worst game of the week.

Denver +2.5 over NEW ORLEANS

A classic great defence vs. great offence matchup, and we know how these usually end. The Saints have turned around a 0-3 start to win four of five, but the Broncos are going to be going all out with their bye next week.

SAN DIEGO -4 over Miami

The only reason the Chargers’ record is under .500 is because of some injuries and bad breaks. This team has some great potential. The emergence on Jay Ajayi has made Miami dangerous, but not enough to win on the West Coast.

ARIZONA -13.5 over San Francisco

The Cardinals beat the 49ers by 12 earlier this season and that was in San Francisco (err, Santa Clara) and they weren’t even playing well at the time. This time, they’re coming off their bye,

PITTSBURGH -2.5 over Dallas

Big Ben actually has a pretty poor record in his first game back from injury, but that number improves quite a bit in his second game back. The Cowboys have been rolling, but will they be able to deal with an offence that has some pretty big potential.

NEW ENGLAND -7.5 over Seattle

The Seahawks are always a tough matchup, but the Pats have had two weeks to prepare and I’ll always trust Bill Belichick with that much time to think things over.

Cincinnati +2.5 over NEW YORK GIANTS

The Bengals will need to run the table for a chance to make the playoffs, so they better start here.

Last week: 4-7-1

This season: 62-63-4

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