November 25, 2016

We made extra points great again + Week 12 picks

by Dan Bilicki In: Football, Picks

I can understand why people are upset by kickers missing all of these extra points, but isn’t this a good thing?

Last week, the record for most points after was set when kickers missed an astounding 12 of them. The weather wasn’t even that crazy, either, it was just kickers blowing it.

These kicks aren’t gimmes from the two-yard line anymore, so this sort of thing can be expected. Maybe we’re being  a bit too hard on kickers – this game of “football” is named for their position, right?

The one thing that all these misses does is make the game more interesting. You now have to watch to see if the PAT is made, instead of taking a bathroom break or grabbing another drink.

And isn’t that what we want from sports: More excitement?

The lines are from Vegas and the home teams are in CAPs.

DETROIT -2.5 over Minnesota

If there’s one thing we know, it’s that the Lions play close games. But man, being 7-4 and trailing in every fourth quarter this season is something else.

Washington +7 over DALLAS

The Dallas Cowboys, with a rookie running back and sixth-round pick at QB, are now 10-1. They even beat a team just as hot as they are in Washington and have essentially clinched a playoff spot by Thanksgiving.

Pittsburgh -7.5 over INDIANAPOLIS

Kudos to Scott Tolzien for toughing it out in the loss. He got his team to the one-yard line twice and came up short. Scoring on those drives would’ve made this a much different game.

San Diego -1.5 over HOUSTON

The Texans got boned by the refs in Mexico, but we still don’t think they’re a very good team. The Chargers may be the worst team in the AFC West, but they’d be the best team in the AFC South.

Tennessee -5 over CHICAGO

Do the Bears have enough players left to fill out their roster this week? The Titans giving points on the road is scary, but the Chicago just doesn’t have enough to cover.

Jacksonville +7.5 over BUFFALO

The Bills shouldn’t be giving more than a touchdown against anyone, even the sad-sack Jags.

BALTIMORE -4 over Cincinnati

This seems a bit too easy. The Bengals are down two of their best players and are facing the league’s best defence. Sure, it’s a rivalry game, but the Ravens are better.

ATLANTA -4 over Arizona

The Cards’ freefall just isn’t stopping. Atlanta’s defence has improved over the course of the season and will give Carson Palmer some trouble. He clearly isn’t the same QB as last year and that is really doing in the Cards’ playoff hopes.

MIAMI -7.5 over San Francisco

The 49ers have the league’s worst run defence, have to fly cross-country for an early game and should get dominated in this one.

NEW ORLEANS -7 over Los Angeles

The Saints are actually playing serviceable defence, which is scary. Do you know what still isn’t scary? The Rams offence with Jared Goff now at the helm.

New York Giants -7 over CLEVELAND

Of course, this is a typical trap game the Giants will likely lose, but there’s a better chance that they just stomp the poor Browns.

Seattle -6 over TAMPA BAY

The Seahawks are picking up steam and look like they could turn into a juggernaut in the home stretch. The Bucs are actually worse at home this year and, even though they’re a home dog, we won’t be tempted by the points.

Carolina +3 over OAKLAND

It’s average-or-worse QBs that the Raiders have toppled, but Cam Newton is not in that category. The Panthers aren’t the best squad and likely aren’t playoff-bound, but could score an upset here.

Kansas City +3 over DENVER

The Broncos have home-field advantage here, but I’ll take the points in what should be a close, defensive battle with a lot of rushing attempts.

New England -8 over NEW YORK JETS

Bill Belichick owns the Jets. New York is coming off their bye, but this team is looking like a trainwreck with some major changes coming in the off-season.

Green Bay +4 over PHILADELPHIA

I know, I’m crazy. The Packers have looked awful in this losing streak while the Eagles defence is playing well. Even the Philly receivers will be able to make catches against the Pack. But Aaron Rodgers can’t lose five in a row, right?

Last Week: 6-7-1

This season: 74-78-5

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