December 9, 2016

NFL Week 14 picks

by Dan Bilicki In: Football, Picks

The lines are from Vegas and the home teams are in CAPs.

Oakland -3 over KANSAS CITY

If anybody doubted the Chiefs before last night’s game, they should be convinced now that this team is a contender. Sure, Derek Carr’s finger is obviously bothering him, but that shouldn’t have derailed the visiting Raiders too much. Both of these teams are Super Bowl contenders.

Washington -1 over PHILADELPHIA

The Eagles just keep on dropping. Washington blew it in Arizona, but this is a team that’s bound for a playoffs with a couple more wins.

Minnesota -3.5 over JACKSONVILLE

The Vikings were a missed penalty call away from taking the Cowboys to overtime, while the Jags, well they’re just a miss. Jacksonville has lost seven in a row and will be in tough again to move the ball against a solid defence.

Chicago +8 over DETROIT

The Bears don’t have much in the way to depth in the talent department left, but let’s not underestimate them. The Bears have already beat the Lions this season and you can’t discount the effect of division-rivalry games.

Cincinnati -6 over CLEVELAND

If there’s one thing that’s never in doubt, it’s that the Bengals own their cross-state rivals. Even RG3’s return from injury can’t save the Browns in this one.

MIAMI -1 over Arizona

The Dolphins stumble after a six-game winning streak and the Cards win one at home and suddenly we get a line like this? Miami is 5-1 at home and the Cards are stuck playing an early game on the East Coast, so I’ll take the Fins.

Houston +6 over INDIANAPOLIS

Let’s not get too carried away about the Colts smoking the Jets on Monday night. That was more about New York being awful. The Texans aren’t a great team, but can run the ball well enough and getting six points against the dubious Colts is always welcome.

Denver +1 over TENNESSEE

The Titans get back to action after a weird Week 13 bye, only to be faced with a Broncos team that should be looking a little desperate. A loss here will certainly put Denver behind the eight-ball in their ultra-tough division.

San Diego +1 over CAROLINA

Something smells very bad in Carolina. Between Cam Newton’s benching and the Panthers play overall in Seattle, it seems like something isn’t right in that locker room.

Pittsburgh -2 over BUFFALO

The Bills blew it in Oakland and are now fighting for their playoff lives – but so are the visiting Steelers. Considering the proximity of these two cities, I wouldn’t count on too much home-field advantage for Buffalo in this one.

SAN FRANCISCO -2.5 over New York Jets

I mean, did you see Bryce Petty against Indy? Sure, it’s a bit ridiculous that the one-win 49ers are giving points here, but the Jets are just as bad and flying across the county.

TAMPA BAY -2.5 over New Orleans

The Bucs certainly look like a team that can catch fire down the stretch, while the Saints are coming off a blowout loss on the road in Detroit. Giving less than three points looks like a bargain.

Atlanta -6 over LOS ANGELES

The Rams defence could turn this game into a slog, but their offence isn’t going to be able to put up many points, either.

Seattle -3 over GREEN BAY

These two teams have history, but it doesn’t favour the home team. The Seahawks lost Earl Thomas to a broken tibia, but their defence is still pretty loaded. Another snow storm won’t save them this time, either.

NEW YORK GIANTS +3 over Dallas

These are two different teams that have certainly grown since their Week 1 meeting, which New York won thanks to a brain-fart by Terrence Williams. The Cowboys are the better team, but Eli Manning should be looking for some redemption this week and usually plays Dallas well.

Baltimore +7 over NEW ENGLAND

The Ravens have always played well against the Pats. Baltimore’s offence won’t scare many, but their defence steps it up against New England. this should be a tight one.

Last week: 10-5

This season: 96-86-6

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