The Author

Dan Bilicki

Dan Bilicki, first and foremost, was born and raised a sports fan. At an early age, he discovered that he could learn how to play sports and games deftly by simply watching others. Because of this he watched a lot of sports in an effort to learn. this desire served him well.

An enthusiastic and gifted writer throughout school, Dan decided to try his hand at journalism and attended Centennial College to study the trade. Now, he works for an award-winning sports department, writing and designing pages for an international media outlet.

Being a natural athlete, Dan plays many sports in his spare time at a recreational level. “Deceptively quick” and “immensely talented” are two phrases often used to describe him on the field of play. He didn’t consider a possible career as an athlete in the name of fair play. There is not a professional out there who could handle defending him — at any sport.

My Ramblings

These are my opinions and, sometimes, random thoughts about what is going on in the wide world of sports. Take everything at face value here and don’t get too riled up over my slants.