December 12, 2008

Week 15 picks

by Dan Bilicki In: Fantasy, Football, Picks

I guess someone forgot to tell Pierre Thomas that you’re not supposed to be able to run against the Bears. I guess they just overlooked them because they hadn’t heard about him before. In fairness, I overlooked him too, starting Reggie Bush over Thomas as a runningback in one of my fantasy playoffs.
Now for this [...]

December 8, 2008

Some Giant mistakes

by Dan Bilicki In: Fantasy, Football, Picks

Maybe the whole Plaxico mess has gotten to the Giants’ heads. The team that’s been as error-free as possible so far this season (with the exception of the Cleveland game) put on a gaffe-filled show against Philadelphia yesterday. Dropped passes and missed opportunities were all over the place and bad decisions — like having Antonio [...]

December 5, 2008

Week 14 picks

by Dan Bilicki In: Fantasy, Football, Picks

You really don’t remember how bad the Raiders actually are until you actually sit and watch them play. Because there will always be a better game on Sundays to view and Oakland isn’t going to be getting any Monday night dates any time soon, there isn’t really much of a chance to view this hapless [...]

November 10, 2008

2-pt conversion mania

by Dan Bilicki In: Fantasy, Football, Picks

I guess when you have nothing left to lose like the Chiefs did, you can go for a two-point conversion with the game on the line, botch it and nobody in the media will skew you because you were a) already awful and b) taking a risk to try to win. It’s nice to see a [...]

October 10, 2008

Picks for six

by Dan Bilicki In: Fantasy, Football, Picks

Troubles a brewin’ in Big D. Their secondary — which hasn’t been as great as it looks on paper — has some potentially big problems. First, Terrence Newman, who has already missed a few games, has a sports hernia, which might require surgery and could cause him to miss a minimum of six weeks. He’s [...]

October 7, 2008

The Dolphins return to glory?

by Dan Bilicki In: Fantasy, Football, Picks

Are the Miami Dolphins good or is it just that “wildcat” offensive package that makes them seem like it? They now have victories over New England (sans Brady) and San Diego since allowing Ronnie Brown to take snaps and I don’t think it’s a coincidence. The reason I think allows this system to work best [...]

September 30, 2008

Who’s the best now?

by Dan Bilicki In: Fantasy, Football, Picks

Sadly, Dallas came — probably — within a Sam Hurd mistake from beating the Redskins this week. If Hurd, the fourth receiver on the Cowboys, didn’t let the ball bounce of his hands on the onside kick attempt, God’s Team would surely have marched down the field and kicked a game-winning field goal. But the [...]

September 12, 2008

The Island is in trouble

by Dan Bilicki In: Fantasy, Football, Picks

It’s tough times for the Coney Island Whitefish so far this season. Not only did I lose my starting QB (Brady) for the season, I’ve now lost my number one receiver for at least a month. With Marques Colston sidelined by thumb surgery, the Whitefish will now be looking at Laverneous Coles and DeSean Jackson [...]

September 11, 2008

The Angels clinch

by Dan Bilicki In: Baseball, Fantasy, Football

Good for the Angels for clinching their division and being able to pretty much coast from here into the playoffs. It must have been really hard to outlast the Rangers (who have zero pitching), the Athletics (gave up at the trade deadline despite actually being in contention for a while) and the Mariners (the biggest [...]

September 9, 2008

Injury pile ups

by Dan Bilicki In: Fantasy, Football, Picks

This might’ve been the most injury-filled NFL week I can remember. Never have so many key guys headed to the sidelines in pain. And, of course, it’s only magnified by seeing the league’s reigning MVP being lost for the season in the first quarter of the first game of the season. So, how about a [...]

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