July 29, 2008

Training camp woes

by Dan Bilicki In: Basketball, Football

Well, it’s that time of year… With NFL training camps now open and some players either holding out or showing up disgruntled or even being told to stay home, you get to see just how happy some guys are where they’re playing.

Pacman Jones may not actually be reinstated yet, but he’s looking pretty good for the Cowboys. It would be a tragedy if commissioner Goodell screws up this situation and keeps Mr. Jones inactive. He’ll make a big impact on defence with God’s Team (the Cowboys) and since Terry Glenn’s gone — for the time being — he could even play some wide out opposite T.O. in some sets. I’m just trying to figure out why he hasn’t been cleared yet but my guess is that Roger’s a bit too busy looking over the situation with Golden Boy Brett and his ridiculously over-pressed situation.

My favourite part of camp is hearing about who can’t practice because of minor injuries. Now, you’ll never hear about a rookie trying to make a team or a guy who’s happy with his new deal sitting on the sidelines with minor twisted or turned ankles — it’s always the guy you heard bitching about getting paid or getting traded. Plaxico Burress and Ocho Cinco can say that it’s not about their deals all they want but anybody with a smidgen of common sense knows that it’s all about the cash-money.

In fairness though, both of those guys should be making more than Andris Biedrins. Golden State must be drunk behind the wheel with the money they’ve handed out this offseason. The only player they inked this summer that actually deserved the cash that he got was Monta Ellis, who has a legitmate chance of being the superstar of the team for years to come. Biedrins is a better than average centre but the guy should not have been signed to something as big as the 6-year, $62-million contract he got. I can understand the threat of losing him to a Euro team but that is an absurd use of cap space.

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